Join the call to Discipleship and this life-to-life movement in the NALC.

Imagine what it would be like, and what Jesus would do through us in the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) if we collectively renewed our commitment to our Lord’s commission to make disciples, and if we together reaffirmed our desire to become the fulfillment of his commandment that we love one another as he Has loved us?

Imagine what might happen, if every pastor and every congregation and every member in our church body made this same personal commitment to be living witnesses to and for our risen Lord Jesus?

What is Life-to-Life Discipleship?

Our call is cross-centered.

Our vision is that the NALC will reclaim the confessional Lutheran emphasis on ongoing catechesis and intentional faith formation in the life of all of its congregations. This same disciple-making identity will permeate every NALC congregation, be adopted by every NALC pastor, and become part of our church body’s DNA. Our vision also includes becoming known to the ecumenical community as a church body that takes seriously its calling to make disciples and intentionally cultivates a framework to do so in its congregations.

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We are to cultivate opportunities to teach others all that our Lord has commanded—to pass on the gospel witness of the apostles.


Because every disciple has been called and commissioned by the Lord, it naturally follows that every disciple of Jesus has been given the responsibility to help others become disciples of Jesus. This is the personal investment of the Word of God from one life to another.

Share your Life-to-Life Discipleship story with us to help us encourage others to pursue this call Christ has given us!

Do you think this renewal could happen in your congregation and community? Jesus did, or He would not have gathered you together and placed you where you are. Do you think this life-changing transformation could happen in your family and in your own personal life? Your Lord must have thought it could, or He would not have called you as he has.

But if it is going to happen, it needs to start with us.

If this vision is going to become a reality, it needs to start in you.

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